LabourList launches today

Thanks to Bristol East MP Kerry McCarthy I came across the new LabourList blog which launches today. It also has help on starting your own blog which is great.

Welcome to LabourList, the must read online forum for Labour minded people to come together to share news and views and, hopefully, also have a laugh.

Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of misinformed reports about what we are trying to achieve with this website. Most have been completely inaccurate. A quick summary is available here.

What we’re really about is pretty simple. LabourList aims to provide a platform for debate for every level of our movement, and for those who disagree with us.

To encourage this discussion, we’ll have access to and insight from government ministers; we’ll host voices from the fringe and from the traditional media; and we’ll have regular reports from the grassroots that make our movement so powerful.