Social media needs to come with new management thinking?

Nice piece from Francois Gossieaux on the need for new management approaches for using web 2.0; links in with the tough subject of how to use social media for internal organisational change:

Social media allowed the social to scale beyond anything that we’ve ever seen before. To succeed in leveraging social media and the inevitable invasion of the social in everything we do, we need some new management thinking…

Crazy chess, makes sense

Nice blog post on getting the balance right, inspired by a crazy game of chess. Like the point about the difference between management and control, but in reality that takes a lot of confidence to pull off. Which brings in the value of experience I guess:

As managers, we have a tendency to want things done the right way (aka our way) … we don’t like things happening around us we don’t understand and we definitely don’t like change.

It strikes me, that to be a successful 2.0 manager, you need to:

  • know when to sit and watch
  • know when to let things run their course and for how long
  • know when to intervene (or engage) and how to do that without alienating everyone
  • realise that management and control are not the same thing … relinquishing control can be a good management technique … and …
  • be humble enough to accept that there may be more than one way to get things done and our way might not suit everyone’s needs.