“It’s amazing how the little things matter”

13 mins 57 secs into Scoble’s video interview on the new Facebook design with Facebook’s Mark Slee he asks my favourite kinda question; essentially ‘what are the small things that you guys have done, that might be unexpected, that others don’t bother to do?’ Mark looks kinda like he’s not been asked that before (15:05). Hey, ‘it’s clean and easy to use’ is the answer. But problem is that’s a generic answer, Scoble asked for something specific. So he asks again, in a different way, for what the guy is proudest of? Now a better answer. One, a better production interface which brings elements like videos and photos together for the first time in a simpler experience, and which makes it easier to share. On the consumption side the newsfeeds interface now come in different views, so they’ve taken the newsfeed interface which revolutionised the site a couple of years ago, and now allows users to interact with the feed and filter down exactly what they’re interested in. Thanks Mark. And nice to hear you use a PC.