Twitter for your team?

Ross Mayfield, head of SocialText and all round good guy, sent me an invite to preview their new micro-blogging tool on 22 July. It’s a secure Twitter-type product for team use. I like the fact that its integrated in with profiles, which makes it sound more powerful than the likes of Yammer.

  • CIO article: “It lets enterprise employees communicate in a real-time stream about projects, documents and other items. Think of it as Twitter for just your team. It also lets companies build their intranet using social networking profiles that employees maintain.” Full article >>
  • eWeek article: “A potential salve for corporate IT administrators wrestling with security concerns over tools that don’t let IT control membership, content or company policy.” Full article >>

Free Webinar – Socialtext Microblogging Appliance Wed July 22nd, 9am PDT Register>>

I second that e-Motion

Hmm, sounds interesting..

Six Apart has launched a preview of a new product called “Motion” that brings together a number of the year’s hottest trends – microblogging, aggregation, and portable identities – into one software package that is installed server side for users of Movable Type.

As you can see in the sample below, Motion features a simple blog editor for quickly posting text, images, or video. The blog itself contains not just updates you post, but also updates from third-party services like Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter. Beyond that, Motion comes off-the-shelf with support for Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, and OpenID, meaning that in Movable Type’s words, “there are half a billion web users who can comment or vote on your content without hitting a registration barrier.”