Chrome is the new black?

oh yes, believe the slow-burn-hype, Google’s Chrome is only the new OS *you’ve* been waiting for;-) (..”The elephant in the room is that Google is an OS.”). Part of the drive to market the new Google Android phone perhaps?

Microsoft’s Gary Turner, writing on the ICAEW’s IT Counts social network (soon to launch to the public) gives an insider’s view of the elephant:

– Google as / with its own operating system – is a four year old (plus) debate/theory/point of view/reality. Neither news nor an elephant.

– The definition of what we mean by “operating system” is starting to change for users, and radically changed long ago inside the research and development teams of Microsoft, Google and anyone else with chips in the game.

– Parking code / value inside the guise of a browser vehicle is an interesting way to deliver your future-OS/whatever/foundation play to an audience that still thinks of the web in terms of browsers and websites.

– Software and tech companies are often smarter than they get credit for/disclose in advance.

Sienfeld does Windows

From the Guardian’s jemimakiss via Twitter: “So Sienfeld – a Mac user for years – is doing ads for Microsoft. Any other examples of inappropriate brand representatives, people?” Hmm, what do you reckon, people? Who would be a better rep’ for Microsoft is a more positive way to put it? I nominate myself, for one. Shame I lack the fame, though I better I’d score well with 18-25 ABC1s.

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