He Got Game

Read the Wired article on a new threat to Internet security, exploiting the routers’ dependence on trust funnily enough (that’s 70s technology for you). For my selfish strategic purposes I particularly liked this quote: “Everyone … has assumed until now that you have to break something for a hijack to be useful,” Kapela said. “But what we showed here is that you don’t have to break anything. And if nothing breaks, who notices?” The revolution will not only not be televised (thanks to Gil Scott Heron: video here), you won’t even know it’s happened. But I’ll know. I heard in some Public Enemy lyrics ‘He Got Game’, so it must be true:

Aiyo, these are some serious times that we’re livin in G
And a new world order is about to begin, y’knowhutI’msayin?
Now the question is – are you ready, for the real revolution
which is the evolution of the mind?
If you seek then you shall find that we all come from the divine
You dig what I’m sayin?
Now if you take heed to the words of wisdom
that are written on the walls of life
then universally, we will stand and divided we will fall
because love conquers all, you understand what I’m sayin?
This is a call to all you sleepin souls
Wake up and take control of your own cipher
And be on the lookout for the spirit snipers
tryin to steal your light, y’knowhutI’msayin?
Look within-side yourself, for peace
Give thanks, live life and release
You dig me? You got me?