Three key marketing takeaways to ensure positive revenue

Three Key Takeaways

  1. To have efficient marketing, you need to know where your customers come from and which channels bring the most valuable customers. KISSmetrics has an automatically tracked property called Channel. It categorizes people into seven different channels based on their referrer.
  2. In the KISSmetrics funnel and revenue reports, you can segment people by any property, not just channel. Using KISSmetrics’s channel segmentation, you can get an understanding of where your customers come from. Since KISSmetrics connects every touchpoint to your customer, you can get the very first touchpoint and the very first channel that brought someone to you. You’ll be able to see how the channels at the very top of your funnel perform.
  3. When you know who is sending you visitors and customers, you’ll know where to target your time and money. You’ll also see which channels don’t work. Simply put, channel segmentation allows you to make better marketing decisions.

With thanks to KISSmetrics blog post on ‘Using Channels in KISSmetrics to Learn Where Your Most Valuable Customers Come From’.

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