A decentralized standard for social media?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to create “an open and decentralized standard” for social media that his very own platform will follow. To this end, he decided to gather a team of programmers, engineers, and designers to work on a new project called “Bluesky.” The details in the connected tweets below!

Twitter Decentralized Social Media

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Indifference rules OK

What matters to customers isn’t what matters to brands. Consider this deck’s argument, and see if you agree. Funnily enough I said something similar in 140 characters along the lines of ‘where are the artists in social media?’ recently.

You’d think my talent in combining creativity and analytics would therefore be highly sellable, in this case using the synthesis of the two to be able to find out what customers want and convey this to the business. What I have tagged as #thinslicing. But it’s not always that easy..even though as it says in the slides below: “Because in the end it’s the case for why great creativity is absolutely essential”.