Micro mistakes in an e-book

09:09 Just for fun today I am counting how many micro
organisational mistakes today to help improve my focus – up
to 9 (+/-1).

Or just download the e-book created with the help of tweetbook.in, with my last 3,200 tweets since 31 March 2010 to date, and keyword search for other micro-humour within the Adobe pdf.

Dr Michael Fish is in the building

Dr Michael Fish is in the building

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-10

  • Don't you just hate it when you watch the DVD commentary and realise you must have been asleep when you watched the film! #
  • @themaria On one flight I sat nxt to an int'nl peace activist, & asked him so many q's over nxt 7 hrs, my fellow passengers went pale! in reply to themaria #
  • RT @RedHourBen RT @snowynora: @RedHourBen Do you and Henry Rollins really watch football at William Shatner's house? – Yes, that did happen, #
  • RT @Dan_Martin: How to become a Twitter expert, an article I wrote for @TrainingZone http://ow.ly/jx3v #
  • What is this #webteamlove tag I'm seeing?! #
  • RT @Marthalanefox r4 last week has caused some noise, think misunderstood – all i said is so much happens online now that stakes r high if p #
  • @communitygirl A happy birthday for tomorrow! Which reminds me I need to get round to buying your community mgmt book. in reply to communitygirl #
  • @monkchips And which contractor 'implemented' that Confluence-based community for SAP? Be interesting to know. Maybe in-house though? in reply to monkchips #
  • @TheMattyMiller Hi. Like your profile about not taking life too seriously, which begs the question have you heard any good jokes recently?! in reply to TheMattyMiller #
  • @monkchips A quote: -) "A lot of times these communities wind up as the red-headed step-sister hanging off the side of an organization." in reply to monkchips #
  • Jokes in 140 characters or less: two guys walk into a bar. you’d think one of them would have seen it. #

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