Get vanity

Amused by the fact that when you go to complete your LinkedIn profile it gives you the option of customizing the url to something more people friendly. For example changing your public profile from to

What’s amusing about this is that the page link to more information about ‘customizing’ your url is: So I guess it’s not customization but vanity at play here? Do tell LinkedIn, which is it?

And on the subject of vanity urls: RT @soltran: Vanity URLs coming to Facebook soon! Get ready for the landrush!

But of course there’s always the option of using a service which gives you one url for all these various services too, I believe the jargon is ‘identity management platform’. For example check out!: gives you your own domain and Web site – your social hub. With, you can bring together the many pieces of your digital life – your content, your contacts – to create “Centralized You”. And you control “who sees what”.