Social community thoughts

Someone asked me today how I would so a social community differently than locating on a specialist platform like Blogtronix as currently. And thinking about it what I might suggest is to make a community using WordPress, hosted by someone good like PressHarbor for support issues having tested them out with my own blog, and then take value advantage of both the development skills of the PressHarbor team, as well as the wider WordPress community to kick ass. I know Moveable Type’s latest version is moving that way (“Blogging is getting social + social networking is fragmenting. Means niched sites attracting more visitors, with more qualified audiences”) in terms so I’m guessing its pretty much the same with WordPress right?

Blogware migration to WordPress, thanks to PressHarbor

Thanks to the team at PressHarbor my blog has successfully migrated to WordPress. Now to explore the depths of the software further.

As you can see from John’s comment below I made a mistake thinking that it’s being hosted by Rackspace too, the servers we use for IT Counts. However, what that error did throw up was that Rackspace IPO’d on 7 August, one of the first cloud computing companies to go public. However, on its opening day, the stock price plunged 20% to $10. Ironically enough, Wall Street was hoping that the Rackspace deal would help spark the IPO market.

Called up my UK-based share dealing service,, which I have already got US trading rights sorted only to be told that it’s too early to buy, and to try back in a few weeks. Cheers!