My creative contribution to ‘Skyfall’

As it is the official premier of James Bond film ‘Skyfall’ today (though it opened in LA yesterday?) I wanted to post my contribution to the event from a Sony business pov.

Bond TV advert

Bond also involves the theme of ‘product convergence’ with Sony looking to use the film to show Bond use many of its different devices, from Xperia phone to Vaio laptop. And in consumer terms it’s looking to prove to customers that it’s worth investing in inter-connected Sony devices. For example my little Xperia mini pro also works as a remote control for my Bravia and Google TV box.

To help bring this potential to life my suggestion is pretty tried and tested:

1. Post a competition on Facebook for people to show a short video of their use of old and new Sony devices, and display their creativity.

2. The winners get invited to a day long ‘hackathon’, where they will get to play with all the best Sony devices, to create something exciting.

3. The day and the end result will also be video’d of course.

4. The winner will get further coverage, and it would be good to have one VIP creative on hand during the day in Apprentice like fashion to hand out advice, and to help judge the end result.

So what do you think, does it fly?